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We had a lot of rain last year. She found her purse under the desk. What are you two talking about? What makes you so sad? She tried to persuade him to organize a boycott. Could you spare me a few minutes? What was served at the party? Ken and Joe went to the park to play tennis. I saw a town in the distance. That's no problem.
Webbie Savage Life: - How was your weekend?
- Take it outside.
- What day are they coming over?
- When is he returning?
- What is your educational qualification?
- I have neither time nor money for that.
- I caught a cold two days ago.
- I think you need to think about the future.
- I think it's time for me to leave now.
- He can't buy a car.
If he had taken my advice, he would now be rich. I live in the country. OK. Thanks. Look at that smoke. Did I get clarity in my doubt? I was fired. My dog often lies on the grass. He lives in the next town. Read Lesson 10 from the beginning. I've just been to the airport to see her off.

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